The Association

The Woolf is a non-profit association (Verein) according to articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code. This Association is an independent legal entity with legal capacity. It is governed by Swiss law.

We exist primarily to nurture and connect the writing and publishing community in Zürich, Switzerland, and to build a cultural context in which literature and the arts can evolve and thrive.

We operate in three primary capacities:

  1. As publisher of The Woolf Quarterly, a cultural online publication.
  2. As organiser of events for writers: WriteCon workshops, panel discussions and meetups.
  3. As organiser of competitions: short story and poetry competitions for adults and young writers.


The Board

The Board currently consists of (L-R) J.J. Marsh, Libby O’Loghlin and Susan Platt.



The Woolf Quarterly

As a pup, The Woolf was a bi-monthly newsletter designed by writer-publishers J.J. Marsh and Libby O’Loghlin for those who had attended our WriteCon workshops in Zürich.

Since then, we have transmogrified into a full-blown online quarterly publication with a larger editorial team. (You can read more about the team on our Editorial page.)




Co-founded in 2010, WriteCon hosts key speakers and educators in the field of writing and publishing to run workshops and panel discussions for those interested in the art of story, writing and publishing across media.

To hear about upcoming events, please join our mailing list.


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